Baltimore Trucking Company Vehicle Options


When you are looking for a Baltimore trucking company, you are looking for a company that will offer you the type of vehicle you need in order to ship your freight successfully. A successful and reliable Baltimore trucking company will offer a number of different vehicles to allow customers the option of truck when shipping important freight. One specific type of truck may not always be the best option when shipping your specific freight, so having options is essential when looking for a Baltimore trucking company.

Vehicle Options for a Baltimore Trucking Company

  • Semi-Trailer- This type of truck is probably the vehicle that is most commonly used with your Baltimore trucking company. The trailers used with this type of truck are most often found at 53 feet long, but can be found smaller. The placement of the wheels on the trailer allows this truck to turn easily and the size makes freight shipment a breeze.
  • Box- This smaller vehicle option is unique because its cargo area is separate from the vehicle itself because it sits on a frame. These types of trucks are not as large as a semi and are typically used when moving small amounts of furniture.
  • Flatbed- This type of vehicle is normally used by a Baltimore trucking company to ship heavy and durable freight. The freight must be immune to outdoor elements because the bed of this truck is without a roof or any sides.
  • Refrigerator- This type of truck is most often used when shipping food. This is because the cargo area of this truck is refrigerated, allowing your freight to be shipped in a temperature controlled environment.


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