Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks

Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks help many industries transport bulky materials and equipment.

A flatbed truck is one that does not have any roof or solid walls; it consists of a flat platform and possibly a low metal mesh around the sides. There are multiple categories of flatbed trucks, including step decks, extended flatbeds, single drop, double drop, side-kit, low-boy, and removable gooseneck trailer (RGN.) Among these types, there are several common uses for flatbed trucks. See how a flatbed truck from Evan Transportation can help your business below.

Building Materials

If you need construction materials transported from the warehouse to the construction site, you might need a flatbed truck to ship the materials for you. Flatbed trucks are efficient vehicles for carrying lumber, steel beams, bricks, and many other bulk materials. A truck driver will need to secure the load properly and check the truck each time before making a journey.

Construction Vehicles

Flatbed trucks also deliver construction equipment that helps to put all the construction materials together. You might have seen flatbed trucks on the road with excavation vehicles, compactor trucks, and other heavy-duty equipment that needs to be on the site on time.

Tire Bales

Extra car tires need to be put to good use every year, millions in fact! That’s why companies put tires into bundles and haul them to different locations to be used in different ways. Flatbed trucks are great for securing and transporting these unusually-shaped bales over short and long distances.


Landscaping projects are construction projects, but usually on a smaller scale. Common uses for flatbed trucks include shipping tools and materials in the landscaping industry. Commercial and residential landscaping projects alike may need excavators, heavy-duty tools like saws and shovels, bricks, stones, concrete, mulch, and plants.

Farming Equipment

The farming industry also uses flatbed trucks to haul materials from point A to B. They transport tractors and other equipment. They also transfer hay and many other produce items. Whatever bulk items a farm might have, a farmer can use a flatbed truck to bring them securely to their destination.

Scrap Materials

After any construction project, there is some cleanup to be done. You might have dirt to haul away, tools to pack up, tractors to transport, or extra materials to take away. Of course, you may also have scrap materials to dispose of. 

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