What Counts as General Freight?

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Evan Transportation carries general freight, covering most products!

Trucking is the main vehicle for many of our goods in the U.S. and across the world. Truckers have the advantage of making deliveries where many other bulk transportation vehicles cannot reach. The more you learn about trucking, the more you see that there are different nuances to their services, such as the type of freight. What counts as general freight?

What Is General Freight?

General freight can pertain to all freight or freight that does not fall into a specialized or hazardous category. You can expect it to refer to loads that are non-hazardous. Despite this general title, it could include products that need specialized transportation methods.

Types of Freight in Trucking

General freight can range from personal to commercial products. Common items that fall into the general freight category are:

  • Food and beverages: These products may need reefers to transport them safely.
  • Clothing
  • Furniture: May need temperature-controlled shipping.
  • Construction supplies
  • Machine parts
  • Vehicles
  • Paper products
  • Plants: Plants need temperature-controlled shipping.
  • Live animals: Of course, they need specialized care to transport, but are still general freight.
  • And much more

Other products that are specialized but may count as general freight would be oversized loads. They may exceed the weight and size limits, but have special labeling and loading for the job.

Modes of General Freight Trucking

General freight shipping can take on several different modes, such as full truckload or less than truckload service, which means that the load can either have its own truck or share the space with other companies’ loads. Other modes include the vehicle, such as plane, train, ship, or truck. If you use a plane, train, or ship to deliver your load, a truck will be at the starting and end points of the delivery service. General freight trucking can range by distance, too. In trucking, you can solicit local, regional, over-the-road, or international shipping.

Evan Offers Local, Regional, & International Freight Shipping

Evan Transportation offers a wide array of local and regional general freight trucking services to get your freight from point A to point B, even if part of the journey is by air, rail, or sea. We can pick up or deliver your freight at whatever point you need it to be if it is within the Mid-Atlantic region. If you are only shipping within our service areas, you can generally expect the shipment to arrive the same day.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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