What Is Truck Driving Like?

What Is Truck Driving Like?

The life of a trucker has its joys and challenges. What is it really like?

Truckers drive behind the scenes. You might see them passing by on the highway and sometimes in residential areas, but what are their lives really like? What is truck driving like, really? It differs between company and place, but all truckers typically deal with these same things.

Knowing How to Operate a Truck and Flatbed

A truck driver must have basic knowledge and training in how to drive a commercial truck. There are commercial driver’s licenses for a reason. Driving an 18-wheeler is different from driving a sedan. There’s also a chance a trucker will have to know how to drive a flatbed, which also means knowing how to load and unload it, tarps, straps, and all. 

Dealing with the Joys and Trials of the Road

Trucking for a living can be a joyful or a horrible experience. It has its upsides, like roaming through beautiful scenery, listening to your favorite broadcasts, and smoothly loading and unloading deliveries. Some days, it is so easy and well paid it seems like a dream. Other days, a trucker might run into so many problems it is simply yucky. Bad weather, bad traffic, terrible food, disgusting bathrooms, delivery delays, and truck trouble are some of the possible downsides that a trucker could face. Trucking can be smooth sailing, but it can also be very risky.

Choosing between OTR, Regional, and Local Trucking

Not all truckers have to traverse the roads for miles and miles. OTR (over-the-road) trucking is that kind, a lifestyle where one has given their life to traveling across the country and sometimes across international borders.

Regional trucking is for truckers who only travel between specific states. At Evan Transportation, you can hire us to ship your loads from New Jersey to West Virginia or Pennsylvania to Delaware. 

Evan Transportation also offers local truck shipping; the trucker might have to drive a few hours from one end of the state to the other, but it guarantees the trucker can be home every night.

Loneliness, Boredom, and Dedication to the Job

Trucking is not for the socialites; even though social apps and CB radios help connect truckers and communities, it is still a lonely business, with long hours alone on the road. In some cases, you can find team truckers, but they are not the norm. For some, the long hours of driving every day get boring. It takes a love of driving and dedication to the job to thrive.

Meaningful Work with Performance-Based Pay

Even though the job threatens truckers with boredom, it is by no means a meaningless profession. It is the reason manufacturers get their supplies, businesses get their products, and customers get what they need. Truckers haul everything from drinking water to hazardous materials. Without them, the whole country and world would suffer.

For All Your Trucking Needs

Follow us here at Evan Transportation to get more updates on driving tips and the trucking industry. Evan Transportation provides trucking and transportation services for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our drivers and staff are offered competitive salaries and benefits and are guaranteed to be home every day. Interested in finding out more? Visit us online or give us a call at 443-673-3365. For even more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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