Freight Shipping this holiday season

Holiday Freight Shipping safety

The holidays are coming along and it’s time to plan out how you will ship packages. It is peak season for shipping when the holidays happen. And you don’t want just any type of shipping, you want reliable and secure freight shipping. Every year cargo theft happens, but it doesn’t have to be your cargo. Although August and September are busy for freight shipping, you need to plan months in advance to successfully ship goods for the holidays. From September through December is the holiday freight shipping and here are things you will need to know to prepare for the holidays:

  1. Have proper freight security. This means taking special care of your freight and doing your best to ship freight during the holiday weekend because cargo theft is most common. Why? Cargo theft rings know during holiday weekends, shipments are left unattended for a long time.
  2. Make security priority for electronics, clothing and apparel.These are the most common goods for cargo theft. This is especially true for pre-Thanksgiving freight shipment. Cargo thieves are also targeting ports so truck drivers have to be consistently aware of their surroundings to secure shipments. Sometimes a few items are stolen with cargo theft. Other times it’s an entire truck load. This is why it’s so important to hire reliable and trustworthy truck drivers — cargo theft is millions upon millions of merchandise loss.
  3. Get cargo insurance for holiday freight shipping for both importing and exporting of holiday items. You do this because you want customers to count on you for high quality services when they have to push shipments last minute. You want to be the freight or truckload people know who to call when they are most in need.

For best case scenarios, it is important to plan ahead for holiday shipments because freight shipping is tricky from start to finish. People want cost-effective shipping, on-time delivery and peace of mind their packages will get to the destinations safely. To make sure freight shipments happen on time, it is wise to check carrier closure dates because customers value customer services which can promise packages will arrive on time. When you reliable freight, you can count on Evan Transportation to get your shipments safely from point A to point B. We transport everything, including alcohol, food and general commodities just in time for the holidays.

Evan Transportation was founded in 1992 by Jerry Wolfarth, who at the time had over 25 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. The initial operation consisted of a few trucks and drivers who were dedicated and professional. The goal of the company was, and remains, to provide excellent, dependable service.

We higher drivers with previous trucking experience, who know how to avoid these common mistakes while driving. Our drivers know how important safety is while on the road, which is why they are trained in safety before they are on the road. We service the following areas:

  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Central Pennsylvania and points east
  • West Virginia (eastern part of the state)
  • Northern Virginia
  • Richmond

Contact us today for all of your freight shipment needs or call us at 443-673-3365. We will discuss your tractor trailer options for the freight you wish to ship. Before you hit the road, check us out on FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn and YouTube!

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