Promise for Pennsylvania Trucking Companies

On February 5th of this year, National Public Radio published a map that indicates the most common job in each state. Along with information from 2014, the map also includes a timeline that shows the change in common jobs for each state from 1978 up to 2014. The map was compiled using information provided by the Census Bureau.

According to the map published by NPR, Pennsylvania trucking companies are at the top tier of the job market throughout the state. The map shows that truck, delivery, and tractor drivers have been the most common job in the state since 1978. These jobs are at the top for 1978, 1996, and 2014, which has us thinking that Pennsylvania trucking companies have a firm hold of their job market in the state.


In fact, according to the job map, 29 of our 50 states are showing truck, delivery, and tractor drivers as the most common job in their state. So why are Pennsylvania trucking companies finding themselves so secure along with other companies throughout the region? National Public Radio lists a few reasons why truck drivers are some dominating on the map:

  • Over the past few years, specialized jobs for specific regions have depleted. This means that workers who would typically have a more specialized profession are turning to more commonly found jobs, such as truck driving.
  • The government creates categories for different professions in the Census Bureau. This means that while you may be a teacher, a secondary school teacher would be in a separate category than a primary school teacher. However, the category that includes truck drivers also includes your delivery professions, making the category extremely broad.
  • Two main trends have changed the way Americans can gain jobs. However, these two trends have not been able to reach the trucking industry. These two trends are automation and globalization.


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