How Truckers Can Improve Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is very important for truckers, who are always looking to improve their bottom line. Advancements in cab and trailer design are always being made in order to improve aerodynamics, and therefore fuel economy, but even truckers with older cabs and trailers can reduce the amount of fuel they use with a few simple techniques.


Slowing Down

According to Overdrive Online, slowing down, even slightly, is a great way to help your bottom line. “Slowing down 1 mile per hour will improve fuel economy by 1/10 of 1 mile per gallon. That may seem small, but it equates to about $1,000 each year in most operations.” One thousand dollars for simply reducing speed by one mile per hour? That’s a pretty good tradeoff.

Progressive Shifting

Practicing progressive shifting does more than just reduce fuel usage. It’s easier on your tires and yoru driveline, extending the lifespan of both. Progressive shifting involves getting the truck moving at the lowest-possible rpm in each gear, meaning quicker shifting overall.

Smooth Driving

Curtailing rapid acceleration and deceleration improves fuel economy not just in trucks, but in all vehicles. Driving a little smoother uses less gas, and is safer as well.

Grade Management

Watch the pyrometer when you’re climbing up a steep hill. Downshifting earlier in order to keep the boost and pyrometer low will let you climb the grade without having to floor it. If you see another hill coming up once you reach the crest, allow the truck to gain a little momentum while coming down the hill to give it a boost up the next hill. However, mountain grades require the use of low gear, and low speed, in order to maintain control.


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