Five Preventative Maintenance Tips for Truck Exhaust Systems

Preventative maintenance of your truck’s exhaust system will keep it from damage and you from worry. The exhaust system in a large truck is located under the hood but most of its parts are contained under the frame. Trucks need an exhaust system to keep its temperature normal, control emissions, and mute the loud noise emitted from the engine. To protect the exhaust system from rust and other natural elements, follow these tips.

  1. iStock_000008146302_SmallLook for unusual smoke. This unnatural smoke would be thick and billowing – the muffler could have damage.
  2. Check for holes. Does the muffler have holes? This could be damage from corrosion or rust and should be repaired as gases such as carbon monoxide can seep through, which would be fatal. If the hangars are rusty, they could break while the truck is in motion.
  3. Listen for strange noises. Are you hearing sounds coming from the bottom of the truck? A loud rumbling is a sign of a faulty muffler.
  4. Upgrade your system. A high-flow exhaust system will let the motor breathe and will be less likely to become damaged.
  5. Position the components. The parts of the exhaust system should be 1 1/2 inches away from the fuel, brakes, and any other unprotected elements.

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