How to Safely Drive Around Tractor Trailers & Trucks

Every day out on roads and highways across the country, there are accidents involving tractor trailers and semi-trucks. Many of these accidents are avoidable if the driver of the other vehicle had been mindful of how to drive around tractor trailers. There are many factors to consider when driving alongside or near these large vehicles. It’s important to follow many safety regulations to avoid any accidents.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate safely around tractor trailers:

  • Give trucks adequate space to navigate – Trucks routinely carry 80,000lbs or more of weight. Sometimes their tires can blow out unexpectedly, possibly causing them to swerve. They are also susceptible to winds, especially when they are completely empty. It can create a “sailboat” like effect that can cause the truck to be blown back and forth while the truck is driving. Giving a truck adequate space is one of the sure ways to avoid an accident.

Evan Transportation Tractor Trailer

  • Beware of truck’s blind spots – Trucks have more blind spots than the normal car does. It’s safer to pass a semi-truck on the left rather than the right. Most of the time, the trucker won’t even know you’re there on the side of their vehicle, so it’s best to pass them as quickly as possible if you can. It’s dangerous if they decide to make a sudden lane change.
  • Give trucks room for right turns – Many tractor-trailers make wide right turns, so giving them space to do so is absolutely essential. Never try to pass a truck on the right side, especially if they are trying to make a right turn. Trucks are big and need A LOT of room to make those kind of turns. It’s important to observe safe driving laws when driving around trucks.

If you follow these few tips, you’ll be able to share the road with tractor trailers and you’ll be able to avoid any accidents that could occur from driving unsafely around these tractor-trailers and trucks. And if you need freight transported, choose Evan Transportation!

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