Can Truck Drivers Bring Pets Along For Long Hauls?

Pets can provide great benefits for truck drivers on long hauls.

Pets can provide great benefits for truck drivers on long hauls.

Last week’s blog touched upon truck drivers’ struggles with homesickness and loneliness, and a great solution we mentioned was to bring along a pet for long hauls. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at how possible it is for truckers to bring along their cat or dog on the road, and the many benefits that come with having a furry friend in the passenger seat.

Pet-Friendly Companies

Over half of all truck drivers are pet owners, so the lifestyle of leaving on long hauls for weeks at a time is often difficult for truckers to take care of their pets. Luckily, more trucking companies are starting to let their drivers take pets on the road with them. In fact, in 2015, 40 percent of truck drivers with pets took their animals on the road with them.

However, not all “pet-friendly” trucking companies are the best option for every trucker. Some companies require a large deposit in order to bring a pet along, or otherwise penalize truckers for taking their pet. While these companies aren’t very practical for every truck driver, there are plenty of trucking companies who don’t penalize drivers.

Benefits For Truckers

A furry friend is more than just a pet while on the road; they often increase drivers’ overall mental and physical health. Owning a pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels, according to the CDC. While pets keep truckers company and bring many mental health benefits, they also provide physical benefits. Between everyday walks and bathroom breaks, having a pet forces a trucker to get up and walk around more than they usually would on the road. Sitting all day can be a dangerous lifestyle, so having a reason to take multiple walks throughout the day will have a positive effect on a trucker’s physical health. Also, driving with a pet often makes truckers feel less stressed and more focused, allowing them to complete their job effectively and happily.

Pet Proofing Your Truck

Before a driver brings a pet into his or her truck, they must first “pet proof” it to ensure safety for the animal. First, block the access to the driver are of the cab, especially the pedals- for obvious reasons. Next, find storage for anything that you don’t want your pet getting into, such as the trash, your snacks, and medicine. Lastly, ensure that your pet has enough room to move around while you’re driving.

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