Road Signs to Pay Attention To When Trucking

Road Signs to Pay Attention To When Trucking

When it comes to trucking, road signs can be much more valuable and play a significant role in truck drivers’ journeys.

You’re probably thinking that all drivers on the road, trucks or not, should pay attention to road signs while driving. Of course, staying vigilant of all road signs and following their instructions helps keep all travelers safe. When it comes to trucking, road signs can be much more valuable and play a significant role in truck drivers’ journeys. Trucking takes drivers far and to unfamiliar places, so they must depend on road signs of all sorts to navigate lawfully and safely. The following are some road signs that are especially relevant to those trucking across our country.

Caution and Construction

Yellow traffic signs, as most drivers can already tell you, motion for slower driving or driving with caution. These signs inform regular vehicles to be mindful of merges, turns, hazards, or other means that require the driver to slow down for their safety. Trucking carries larger and heavier loads, and truck drivers are far more susceptible to an incident like jackknifing if they do not take caution and adjust their driving accordingly. Orange road signs indicate upcoming or ongoing construction work. Truckers can be more proactive with this information, and take the early warning to change lanes or reduce speed.

Traveling Rules and Regulations

White and black road signs indicate regulatory information, some of which pertain explicitly to trucking and other commercial vehicle operations. Aside from speed limits and directional lane travel, truckers should be aware of road signs that require them to adjust their route or make necessary stops. “No Trucks” signs are placed ahead of a route that prohibits commercial vehicles. Often, there are additional signs that indicate an appropriate alternative route for the trucks to follow. Many weigh station signs are green, but can have additional signage requiring all trucks to go onto the weigh scale if the station is open. Another regulating sign all truckers must obey is brake check signs. They’re placed where they are for the truckers and other drivers’ safety. These signs tell truck drivers to stop and inspect their brakes before proceeding down steep hills.

Information Markers

For a trucker that’s on the lookout for their planned stopping point, informational markers in the form of blue signs are key. Information includes where to get a bite to eat or to lodge. Additionally, blue road signs can tell travelers where to fuel up or which radio station they can tune into for the Highway Advisory Station.

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