Are Semi Trucks Hard to Drive?

Are Semi Trucks Hard to Drive?

How hard is it to drive a semi truck? Here are a few things we keep in mind.

Whether you want to learn how to drive a semi truck or you want to put yourself in your truck driver’s shoes, you can learn here how hard it really is to drive one. Are semi trucks hard to drive? 

Are Semi Trucks Hard to Drive?

The short answer is yes, they are definitely harder to drive than a car or a pickup truck, but with enough training, it is possible to become adept at driving one with ease. Driving a small car has its own challenges, but driving a truck amplifies those challenges.

How Hard Is It to Steer?

It is relatively easy to steer a semi truck. Steering a semi is generally as smooth as it might be for any normal car; of course, you will need to practice enough to understand how much or little you need to turn the wheel to maneuver your way through the roads.

How Hard Is It to Shift Gears?

It is only recently that new trucks have automatic transmission. Older trucks all use a form of stick shift. The argument for using manual transmission is that you have better control in muddy, snowy, or wet road conditions. If you already know how to use a stick shift in your car, then it will be easier to drive a semi truck.

How Hard Is It to Brake?

It is just as easy to brake a truck as it is to brake a car, but the duty is heavier. You will need to have a quicker response time to brake early enough in advance to avoid a catastrophe. The cumbersome weight of the truck is much harder to stop, so the trucker must apply the brake much sooner, especially if a car pulls in front of it last-minute.

How Hard Is It to Turn?

It takes a lot more deftness to turn a semi truck than a car. You cannot make a U-turn so easily, let alone on a two-way road. You may even have seen videos of truckers accidentally damaging street signs when trying to back up. It is all about spatial awareness and finesse. 

What about No Zones?

You might be aware of keeping track of blindspots in your own vehicle, but keeping track of them in a semi is a lot more responsibility. These blind spots span all four sides of the truck and cover a larger area.

Are There More Road Regulations?

Truckers must carefully inspect their vehicles and loads before taking off. They also must follow designated routes for trucks and stop at weigh stations along the highway. Attaining a CDL also requires work. You don’t have to do it, though; Evan Transportation is ready to transport loads for you!

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