Time Management in Trucking

How Truckers Can Handle Both Sides of Road Rage

How do truckers make their deliveries on time? Find out what goes on behind the scenes.

Time management is one of the largest aspects of trucking. If you are a good trucker, you have excellent time management skills. It is all about balancing multiple factors that affect how fast a trucker can get from the warehouse to the destination. Each shipment has a scheduled pickup time and drop-off time, but how do truckers ensure they deliver freight on time? Check out what goes on in time management in trucking.

On-Duty, Off-Duty Rules

The national rules regarding truck driving hours are a huge factor in how fast a shipment can arrive from point A to point B. A trucker can be “on-duty” for 14 hours a day, with up to eleven of those hours counting toward driving. Among the 11 hours driving, a trucker cannot drive for more than 8 hours straight without taking a 30-minute break. 

We shall get into more detail about how these rules influence freight arrival time below.


The distance from the warehouse to the delivery site will naturally influence how long it takes the freight to arrive. The national truck driving rules can also complicate matters. For example, if it takes more than 11 hours to reach the destination, it will be impossible for the driver to get there within one working day. 

Evan Transportation is a regional trucking company located south of Baltimore, MD, serving as far as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. The likelihood of scheduled shipping dates conflicting with travel times is much, much lower than with OTR trucking.

Trucking Efficiency

Truck drivers must make the most of their allotted hours per day to get to their destination on time, if not early. It is best to plan and work ahead to be ready for possible delays from bad traffic and weather. 

A seasoned truck driver will make the best use of his time, using the three hours of rest time well. For example, he will minimize time at truck stops and time on his phone. He won’t lollygag about. 

He will also take great care of his truck and freight. A real trucker knows how to troubleshoot a vehicle and how to load freight safely. This knowledge will avoid downtime from breakdowns and damaged freight.

Trucker health also helps immensely. If the driver is unwell, he cannot make the best decisions or work as efficiently. At the end of the day, the trucker’s well-being matters the most. He should eat, sleep, and exercise well.

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