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What Is Full Truckload Shipping?

Friday, October 7th, 2022
What Is Full Truckload Shipping?

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In this modern era of shipping and logistics, shippers often find it challenging to attain knowledge about the best ways to ship products. We all have the same goals: save on costs, reduce risk, and ensure that you’re using your time wisely. 

Full truckload shipping is one relevant method and refers to the usage of an entire truck for one shipment. Depending on the industry and carrier involved, there are many different terms for this, but in general, full truckload is subject to three common maximum limit roles. This includes shipping 44,000 pounds of product, or 48 pallets or 2,500ft.³. However, this option is often used whenever shipping more than 15,000 pounds of product or more than 10 pallets. Let’s look at why.