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How Truckers Help the Supply Chain

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022
How Truckers Help the Supply Chain

Truckers are essential players in keeping the supply chain going; here’s how.

According to Furniture Today, the trucking industry lost more than 11,00 truck driving jobs as of September 2022. This problem needs addressing for drivers to keep up with the demand while reducing the impact of ongoing supply chain issues. 

Truck drivers are essential for the supply chain because they are the ones who move products across the country. Without truck drivers, the necessities we need and conveniences we enjoy would not be accessible to us. Workers in the trucking industry keep our grocery store shelves stocked with food, gas stations filled with fuel, retail stores packed with clothes, and warehouses loaded with products to ship. 

Truck drivers help the supply chain because they support our thriving economy. Here is more information about how truck drivers help the supply chain.