Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Summer Storm SafetyIf you’re in charge of a fleet of tractor-trailers or semi trucks in Baltimore, you’re probably always looking for ways to conserve fuel. By making small changes, you can increase fuel efficiency, allowing the trucks to run longer and smoother, and ultimately saving money within your company. Take a look at these 5 tips for increasing fuel efficiently in your Baltimore fleet.

  1. Oil changes. By using synthetic oil and high-capacity filters, there is less stress put on the engine. Synthetic oil also retains its lubrication abilities for a longer period of time, allowing your engine to run smoothly even in extreme temperatures.
  2. A high-flow exhaust system and a high-flow air filter. Let your motor breathe! If the exhaust systems haven’t been repaired after years of driving, it has probably accumulated rust and has been worn down. Have your trucks inspected to see if replacement of the muffler and pipes is necessary. By installing high-flow parts, you will increase the efficiency of the motor, and you probably won’t have to replace these parts again!
  3. Tires & tire pressure. Tire pressure should be checked often to make sure that there are no air leaks, which can affect fuel efficiency. Opposed to what some might think, bigger tires actually reduce fuel efficiency, so it is best to stay with a dependable all-weather light truck tire.
  4. Helper springs. To continue on the topic of tires and tire pressure, helper springs assist in the suspension of the tires. If too much pressure is put on the tires, the truck will have to work harder, which means more fuel is used. Helper springs will adjust to the weight or load of the truck, relieving the tires from being too worn down.
  5. Spark plugs. Keeping an eye on your spark plugs is important because the color of them can tell you a lot about your vehicle, and your engine in particular.  If they’re discolored, it could either mean that the truck is using too much fuel, or that it’s not using enough. When checking spark plugs, the O2 sensor should also be examined.

By following these tips, your Baltimore tractor-trailers and semi trucks will be more fuel efficient in no time. If you have any more questions about fuel efficiency, give Evan Transportation a call at 443-673-3365 or visit our contact page.

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