Cargo Theft News: Jamming Devices

Cargo theft jamming devices

It is no secret that cargo theft can be an issue for truck drivers that carry freight in their cargo. In our past blog “First Quarter Truck Cargo Theft Numbers”, we found discussed that the findings from FreightWatch International showed a decrease in overall thefts, but an increase in the value of the thefts. Recently, FreightWatch International has released new information about cargo theft that truck driver should be aware of.


In two recent cargo theft attempts, officials have located devices that thieves are using in an attempt to jam the signals of the cargo’s tracking device. Cargo trailers are typically equipped with tracking equipment that allows the trailer to be tracked should it become detached from the front of the truck due to thieves or other circumstances. It now appears that cargo thieves have found a way to combat the tracking device by using jamming devices when attempting a robbery. The possibly growing trend has been recognized in two cases so far, reports FreightWatch. The first case occurred in Florida in June when officials found suspects in possession of jamming devices. The second jamming case was reported out of Georgia in late July when a trailer was stolen and jamming devices were used in an attempt to stop the tracking signals. The jamming devices were unsuccessful in this case. FreightWatch is warning that should this trend continue and gain momentum, new measures will have to be taken to deter cargo theft.


At Evan Transportation, we hire experienced and trained truck drivers who are aware of possible cargo theft attempts. We train our drivers to avoid situations that could lead to criminal activity. Drivers can avoid such situations by doing the following:


  • Being aware of surroundings at all times.
  • Never leave a truck running unattended.
  • Park is well lit and open areas.


Evan Transportation knows how important your cargo is for your business, which is why we take every precaution possible to see that your freight arrives to its destination in a safe and timely manner.


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