Road Trailers for Lease in Baltimore, MD

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Call Evan Transportation to lease road trailers in Baltimore and beyond!

Does your company need road trailers? Whether your trailer needs are large or small, Evan Transportation is centrally located in Baltimore, Maryland, to serve the Mid-Atlantic region’s truck transportation needs. Evan offers regional and local trucking services, but we also provide road trailers for lease in Baltimore, MD. Here’s more about it. If you have questions, please inquire! 

Evan’s Road Trailers for Lease in Baltimore and Beyond

Evan Transportation has many types of road trailers for lease in Baltimore, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia. If you need a road trailer for general freight or specialized freight, we have them! That includes trailers for general freight, hazardous materials, oversized loads, refrigerated loads, and more. Please contact Evan Transportation to see if we have the road trailers for you!

Reasons to Lease Road Trailers

Share Maintenance Responsibilities

In a lease agreement, the lessor and lessee share maintenance responsibilities and costs for the road trailers. In a sense, the lessee owns the trailers but still lets the lessor manage taxes, emergency roadside service, licenses, etc. You can generally negotiate who is responsible for what in the agreement. The benefit for you is that you do not have to do everything!

Meet Short-Term Transportation Needs

Leasing products or services helps you save money because you only have to use them for the time you need them. You only pay for what you need rather than having to manage them afterward. You can meet your business’ shipping needs or your customers’ without having to pay more for the equipment.

Potentially Save Capital

When you lease instead of own, you can potentially save more capital. Trucking companies might have a mix of purchased, leased, and rented trailers to maximize cost efficiency. Ultimately, you will save capital when you lease if it makes the most sense for your needs. 

Let the Lessor Deal with Selling Old Trailers

If the road trailers become obsolete, or you prefer new and improved road trailers, you don’t have to worry about selling your leased road trailers. Selling the older, used trailers is the business of the lessor and not you! If that sounds like a great deal to you, Evan Transportation is happy to talk with you about your road trailer leasing needs.

For All Your Trucking Needs

Follow us here at Evan Transportation to get more updates on driving tips and the trucking industry. Evan Transportation provides trucking and transportation services for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our drivers and staff are offered competitive salaries and benefits and are guaranteed to be home every day. Interested in finding out more? Visit us online or give us a call at 443-673-3365. For even more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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