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We rent out storage units! Find us in Baltimore, MD!

Storage containers are a tried and true tool in the business world. Mobile storage containers, also known as shipping containers, are oblong, steel boxes made to haul cargo for long distances. They come in different dimensions and can be double-wide or triple-wide. If you are looking for storage containers for rent in Baltimore, Maryland, you can find them at Evan Transportation!

Mobile Storage Containers for Rent in Baltimore, MD

Evan Transportation offers mobile storage containers for rent in Baltimore, Maryland, as you can see. We offer rentals in different dimensions at an affordable cost; we also offer different kinds of containers, including regular shipping containers and reefers. Please contact us to see what we can do for you!

Uses for Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers can be for your transportation or stationary bulk storage needs. Their uses include the following:

  • Short-term, on-site storage: Instead of relying on a local storage facility, you can keep your inventory in your business location and within quick reach.
  • Bulk or overflow storage: Does your site lack enough storage space for all your needs? You might have a retail store that doesn’t have enough space for the seasonal decorations; having enough mobile storage containers will fix that!
  • Temporary storage: If your building is undergoing renovation, you can keep all inventory on-site with mobile storage units until the building can take them in again.
  • Bulk transportation: Use your storage container rental to haul bulk items to your destination.

Why Rent vs. Buy?

Depending on your circumstances, it will be better to rent or buy your mobile storage units. It will be better to rent if:

  • You only need the container for a short period
  • You will not need to use the container or containers repeatedly
  • You do not want to maintain your own mobile storage units

It is possible to rent mobile storage containers for the long or short term. It depends on your priorities, but it can also depend on whether you need them for a short or long time.

Why Evan Transportation?

Evan Transportation has been in the business of truck shipping and storage container rentals for decades in the Mid-Atlantic region. Based in Baltimore, MD, Evan is in a very strategic location. Baltimore is the connection between overseas trade and the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. If you are ready for your storage containers for rent in Baltimore, please contact Evan Transportation! 

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