How To Avoid Technology Distractions As A Truck Driver

Learn how to avoid technology distractions as a truck driver.

Learn how to avoid technology distractions as a truck driver.

We all know about the dangers of distracted driving, and how important it is to keep your eyes focused on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times. Truckers spend endless hours at a time on the road, and it can be difficult to resist the urge to look at your texts or social media. Continue reading to learn a few tricks for truckers to avoid technology distractions while on the road.

Hands-Free Technology

While using phones while driving is dangerous, it’s hard to avoid using your phone at all while driving. For example, the majority of people use their phones as a GPS and like to play their own music through their phone. To keep your hands on the wheel at all times, use a phone cradle or mount to keep your GPS in view while driving. It’s always a good idea to turn on the volume as well, so you won’t even need to take your eyes off the road to know your next direction.

As for playing music, it can be dangerous to scroll through your music library and play songs, as taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can lead to a horrible accident. Instead, make playlists ahead of time for different moods or genres to avoid scrolling through your music. You can also download audiobooks or podcasts for long hauls.

Take Reasonable Breaks

When you are receiving a lot of texts or phone calls, be smart about when to take a break and use your phone. Pulling over for a few minutes to respond to a text or check your email is always the best option, as looking at your phone while driving is not worth the risk.

Mobile Device Blocker

If you get too many texts or notifications throughout the day, it may be best to download a mobile device blocker on your phone, or change your settings to “Do Not Disturb.” This helps to take away any temptations and distractions by allowing you to use your phone only as a hands-free GPS and source of music. Many apps are free to use, and some even offer safe driving rewards!

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