3 Hazards Truck Drivers Should Look Out For In Fall

3 Hazards Truck Drivers Should Look Out For In FallEvan Transportation

So even if it’s sunny out in the morning, it could start storming with fog later in the afternoon.

With fall just around the corner, truck drivers worldwide will have to make critical adjustments to their huge rigs and driving habits. To ensure your safety as a truck driver, here are some hazards that may affect road conditions and your safety.

Keep Windshields Clean

Despite what you may think, sun glare is actually worse in the fall season because it is much closer to the horizon. Therefore, the low angle of the sunlight makes it very difficult for truck drivers or drivers to see ahead, especially when the sun is setting. Unfortunately, the sun can hit your windshield when it’s setting in front of you, then bounce off from the rearview mirror and create a glare from behind them.

To prevent any accidents from sun glare, truck drivers must keep their windshield clean and wear polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes and make it easier to see. 

Avoid Fallen Leaves

Make sure to avoid parking or driving on any fallen leaves. You see, roads covered in leaves can impact tire traction, which is a significant safety concern. Additionally, dry leaves reduce tire traction and, while wet, can cause tires to dangerously skid. 

Truck drivers can help avoid accidents induced by wet leaves by reducing their speed on leaf-covered roads, especially when making any turns. Fallen leaves can also cover up potholes, bumps, and other obstructions on the road. Therefore, it could be beneficial to keep a lookout and avoid any heavy piles of leaves.

Lookout For Animals On The Road

Animals such as moose, deer, elk are known for mating during the fall season. Therefore, they’ll be more active and likely to run across roads more often than usual. You can expect to see these animals early in the morning or slate in the evening. So, you should use your headlights and drive slowly through areas that have high deer populations.

Watch Out For Fog

The weather can change at a rapid pace during the fall season. So even if it’s sunny out in the morning, it could start storming with fog later in the afternoon. Truck drivers that drive cross country should keep up with maintenance on their trucks to avoid any mechanical issues.

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