Blind Spots on a Semi Truck

Blind Spots on a Semi Truck

Truckers and other drivers alike can stay safe on the road by knowing these blind spots.

Semi truck driving is the profession of our team at Evan Transportation. We are professionals at driving throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, transporting freight for businesses of all kinds. Part of the trade is dealing with the blind spots on a semi truck. While we have our methods of minimizing the risks of blind spots, such as maintaining distance between other vehicles, everyday drivers can also promote traffic safety by understanding the blind spots on a semi truck.

The 4 Blind Spots on a Semi Truck

The Front

Truck drivers sit very high up compared to even the largest pickup trucks on the road. Even so, the front of the truck prohibits them from seeing over it, unless it is a cab over. The blind spot in front of a semi truck is the smallest, but it is still one you don’t want to get into.

The Sides

The sides of the truck have very long blind spots, especially on the right side, which is farther from the driver. These “no zones” of a semi truck extend from directly beside the driver and passenger seats out and back diagonally. The right-side blind spot extends back diagonally to beyond the back of the truck.

The Back

There is no rearview mirror to show truck drivers who or what is directly behind them. This blind spot extends further than the blind spot at the front of the truck. If you cannot see the truck driver’s side mirrors, he can’t see you.

Safety Tips for Driving Around Trucks

Pass on the Left Side

Driving with semi trucks on the road can be smoothest when everyone follows the best safety practices. Avoid staying on the truck’s right side; usually, these trucks dominate the far-right lane. If you need to pass, pass on the left side to avoid driving in a bigger blind spot.

Avoid Lingering in Blind Spots

As much as possible, do not find yourself in a semi truck’s blind spot. Keep your distance behind a truck and stay far ahead. If possible, do not constantly drive alongside a truck either.

Do Not Cut Off a Semi Truck

Regardless of blind spots, never cut off a semi truck. It takes hundreds of feet for one of them to stop, and if you are in the way, it might be physically impossible for the truck to avoid hitting your vehicle. It is best for everyone to do their best to stay safe on the road.

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