Trucking Safety Tips for Semi-Truck Drivers

Trucking Safety Tips for Semi-Truck Drivers

Trucking safety encompasses more than just smart or defensive driving skills; a lot of it can come down to demonstrating common sense.

As much as we believe that truck driving is a great career path, we also can’t forget to stress how dangerous and difficult the job can be at times. The actions and behavior of semi-truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers directly impact the safety of themselves and others on the road. Trucking safety encompasses more than just smart or defensive driving skills; a lot of it can come down to demonstrating common sense. Operating a big-rig like a semi-truck has its share of challenges, so check out these trucking safety tips applicable to all drivers.

Be Engaged and Alert

Driving long hours on seemingly endless highways gets boring. When drivers get bored, they can get tired and passive. It’s essential to trucking safety that drivers stay engaged and alert at all times, especially when they are behind the wheel of their semi-truck. Drivers should actively assess their surroundings on all sides of their vehicle, listen to traffic or weather updates, and note all road signs. This way, nothing should take the driver by surprise, and they are in full control of their truck and the situation.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The weather certainly affects travel conditions. It’s good trucking safety to check the weather of all areas the driver is expecting to pass through, and check back frequently for any changes. Knowing the weather and climate lets semi-truck drivers anticipate the road conditions their vehicle will face so that any other necessary precautions can be made.

Scope Out New Places on Foot

When arriving at a new point of delivery, it’s best to safely park the truck somewhere and scope out the area on foot. By walking the grounds, you can notice hazards or obstacles before deciding if it’s safe to guide the truck in for docking. You don’t want to put your truck in a position where you’re trapped and can’t get out.

Watch Your Speed

Efficient delivery time shouldn’t be compromised by speedy driving. In fact, the truck should almost always drive at or below the posted speed limit, whichever is safer in the given situation. Always make turns and go around corners slowly to maintain full control over the vehicle. It shouldn’t matter if other cars on the road pass you, and there’s more reason to drive slowly when more traffic is around.

Create Space In Front of Your Truck

Create plenty of space in front of your truck as part of trucking safety. Any incidents that occur on the road that would affect your vehicle is likely to be in front of you anyway. With plenty of space, you have more time to react, such as braking safely. Other vehicles may not be so mindful of how close they are to the truck, so it’s up to the driver to maintain that space in between them.

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