Self-Evaluation Checklist For Truckers


All drivers must be cautious while driving, but a good professional trucker knows all the best practices and works to correct his/her mistakes.

Truck driving requires a lot of skill, and it takes a dedicated person to thrive in a trucking career. Since truckers spend the majority of their days on the road, they must always stay up to date on driving safety and practice their skills. Take the time every once in a while to take a day where you pay close attention to everything you do on the road to evaluate yourself and make notes of areas where you need improvement.

Check Your Mirrors

Did you know that you should be checking your mirror about every 10 seconds? While that may seem like a lot, we all know how quickly cars can sneak up behind us. Checking mirrors is especially important for truck drivers, as they need to be aware of the cars around them at all times. Checking mirrors is extremely important before switching lanes, as is checking blind spots to ensure an accident is prevented.

Turn Signal

Everyone knows that they should signal before turning or switching lanes, but after driving for so long, you may become lazy and decide it’s not necessary. It is, of course, always necessary to use a turn signal, especially for a truck driver who needs to get over to the left lane to exit. Trucks must use their turn signal early, to allow cars behind them the opportunity to slow down or speed up out of their blind spot. Truck drivers must also be patient, and should never assume that a vehicle will get out of the way when you decide to switch lanes.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Route

If you’re driving through a new city and are unfamiliar with the roads and which exits you need to take, take the time to plan your route ahead of time. A good truck driver should be aware of the dangers of driving without a plan, as you never want to rely on watching a GPS for directions. Looking at a GPS screen is just as dangerous as looking at a cell phone, as your eyes are off the road and you break concentration. While it’s fine to listen to GPS directions, you should plan your route ahead of time and have an idea of your exits and road conditions.

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