Distracted Driving is Trucking’s Worst Enemy

Distracted Driving is a trucker's worst enemy.

When on the road, distractions while driving can come from anywhere.

There are more vehicles on the road than ever before — and more evolving vehicle technology than drivers have ever had at their fingertips. But those devices and onboard features that are meant to provide convenience can easily lead to trucking’s worst enemy: distracted driving.

Over the last few years, life behind the wheel has seen some of the most innovative changes in daily convenience: everything from phone apps to aid in route pre-planning and more efficient deliveries to advanced dashboard cameras for greater safety measures. All of those innovations, however, can still prove fatal if a driver’s focus doesn’t remain their greatest asset.  As a helpful reminder, let’s look at the most-common causes of distracted driving that a driver faces while setting out on the road:

Cell Phone Use

The most common cause of distracted driving today is the use of cellphones while behind the wheel. Aside from the phone itself, texts, apps and periodic alerts all come from that same source — and it’s always tempting to look down and take a look. The best way to avoid that temptation is to keep your cell phone or mobile device on “silent” until you’re at a designated rest area or, if it’s really an emergency, to pull over before responding. Not only will cell phone avoidance provide more safety for you and those drivers around you, but you will be avoiding the harsh legal penalties of getting caught with that phone in your hand.

Know Your Rig

Although you will be spending a good amount of time behind the wheel of your truck, there is no substitute for knowing its many features way before heading out on the road. As basic as it may seem, familiarizing yourself with your truck’s many dashboard controls well in advance will successfully lead to less time having to avert your eyes while driving. And if your radio is the greatest pleasure for hours on end, try programing your favorite stations before your trip so changing stations will be even more effortless.

Mapping Your Destination

In trucking, it is invaluable to know shortcuts all across the nation. However, the time will come when a delivery will take you on an unfamiliar route. When that occurs, be sure to map out your destination first, so that your GPS or mobile device is programmed to keep you conveniently on-point — and never distracted from the task at-hand.

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