Making Your Truck a Home Away From Home

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There are ways to make your truck feel more like home!

When working in the transportation services industry, all truckers know that they are going to be spending a lot of time on the road, especially behind the wheel of a truck that will come to seem all-too familiar as the route goes on. While there are many options to pass all that time, while also maintaining safety and staying alert, are there ways to make that truck feel more comfortable — your home away from home? There certainly are! And here are a few suggestions to make your next road journey just a little more cozy and familiar.

Surround Yourself with Your Favorite Things

As basic as it may sound, the very first step in making your road travels just a little less lonely or boring begins with creating a welcoming mindset. Make it a point to surround yourself with things that remind you of home — photos of family and friends and of your pets, creating playlists of music that you associate with those people you love and care about, and bringing along items that remind you of them. If astronauts can bring their young son’s little league baseball to the moon to remind why they’re working as hard as they do, so can the diligent men and women in the transportation services industry!

Customize Your Vehicle to Reflect Yourself

Take a moment to consider which parts of your truck in which you’ll be spending the most amount of time. Hands down, you’ll be behind the wheel the vast majority of the time. So make it a point to customize that area to suit your own personality and uniqueness as much as possible. Not just photos, but items and perhaps collectives that reflect your interests. Grew up on Star Wars? Add a few fun things around the driver’s side to mimic Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon! A baseball nut? Find a few collectibles (especially if you have a few at home already) of your favorite team and decorate accordingly. Members of the transportation services industry may grow accustomed to using a new rig with each route, so be sure that your favorite personal items are easy to disassemble and move to the next assignment — but each time, you’ll be more familiar and “at home” when you set up to venture back out on the road!

For the Long Haul

Being a part of the transportation services industry, you know better than anyone that the length of a trip can vary greatly. But more often than not, you’ll come across a particularly long journey that requires an overnight stay somewhere unfamiliar. This is where making your rig really a “home away from home” can work wonders to ease the challenges of being away from your friends and loved ones. Consider picking up a mini-fridge, some economical camping gear, and even some good speakers compatible with your mobile device to create a “homey” atmosphere for those occasional nights in the rig. Truckers know the crucial importance of proper rest and a good night’s sleep in staying refreshed and alert, and customizing your rig with a personal touch can help keep you driving at your best and the trip all that much quicker!

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