How to Prepare for Your Trucking Training

Driving Alert the Natural Way

Preparing for your first trucking test can be intimidating, but there are many great tips to help you out!

The ability to travel on a regular basis while making money doing something you love is a privilege and an attractive prospect for most. One of the few employment positions that have this privilege are truck drivers. Truckers are a necessary part of the business model for almost every industry including, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and food and dining. First time truck drivers have the opportunity to see the country, but will also be developing their driving skills. There are both positive and negative aspects to driving a truck and in the first year of driving, each trucker is sure to become acclimated with these different situations. This being said, it is a long road to become a trucker so here is some useful advice in preparation for your training.

Trucking School

For those looking to break into the industry, there is a lot to learn in order to be a proficient driver and find steady work:

  • Check with local trucking companies before choosing a trucking school to ensure the education offered is thorough enough to meet their standards.
  • Truck driving schools with accreditation by the United States Department of Transportation offer scholarships, grants, and loans that can help truck drivers offset the cost of education.
  • Ask questions to determine the quality of education a school offers. One on one training programs, small class sizes, behind the wheel training, job placement assistance, and access to late model equipment will assist with becoming a proficient driver.

Tips for Your First Solo Trip

  • Speeding not only increases the risk of getting into an accident, it also increases aerodynamic drag and uses more fuel. Maintain a consistent speed, use cruise control when appropriate, and avoid quick accelerations.
  • Maintain a respectable distance from vehicles in front of you- larger trucks need more time to stop. Keep an eye out for vehicles which may pull in front of trucks then suddenly slow down or break.
  • Before heading out on the road, pre-inspect the vehicles: breaks, windshield wipers, horn, mirrors, tires, reflectors, oil levels, fuel levels, and that cargo is secured. If any problems are noticed, they should be reported to dispatch and handled before getting on the road.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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