How Runaway Truck Ramps Work

How Runaway Truck Ramps Work

Runaway truck ramps are there for peace of mind, and emergencies!

In mountainous areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, you might pass off-ramps that soar up a steep incline, eventually reaching a dead end. They have the label “Runaway Truck Ramp.” Other names for them include truck escape ramps and escape bays. What are they, exactly? We’ll learn below how runaway truck ramps work and how vital they could be for your Evan Transportation trucker.

Where Did Runaway Truck Ramps Come From?

No one seems to know the exact origin of the runaway truck ramp, but they first began to crop up in western U.S. states in the 1960s, particularly in mountainous areas. In the Mid-Atlantic, you can find them easily in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. However, the current total of truck escape ramps in the United States tops almost 200, and most of them are in mountainous western states.

How Runaway Truck Ramps Work

Imagine you are driving a semi-truck down a steep, mountainous road. You’re having a great time, but then you begin to notice that your truck is slowly getting faster. It’s not unusual for vehicles to accelerate as they go down an incline, but this time is different. You press the drum brakes, but they are weaker than usual. They are too weak. It is in this moment that a runaway truck ramp could mean life or death.

How do truckers use an escape truck ramp? The first step is to utilize the Jake Brake. This brake is a compression release brake that saves the service brake from extra wear. Staying calm, the trucker now has more time to find a safe stopping point. If all else fails, the runaway truck ramp will help the truck slow down through gravitational pull and friction.

What Happens Next?

The truck ramp uses a bed of gravel or sand to add friction to help the rogue truck stop. When the truck has come to a stop, it will need a tow truck to pull it out of the sand trap. The tow truck will use deadman anchors buried along the ramp to pull the truck free. You might find a gravel road beside the truck ramp that helps take the truck back down the slope. 

Even if a trucker never has to use this escape route (and hopefully he never does,) it is a comfort to know they are there in an emergency. 

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