How to Make Your Truck Cab a Home on Wheels

truck cab

You can make your truck cab feel personable and more like home.

Let’s face it, if you’re a truck driver then the truck pretty much is your home. You’ve undoubtedly found yourself eating, sleeping, and working in the cab of your truck. And like any home, you want to live in comfort. Making your truck cab feel a little more cozy is surprisingly easy, and you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune just to improve your truck’s atmosphere. Here are a few easy ideas to make your truck cab feel more like home.

  • Spruce up your cab with your favorite color. Adding accents of your favorite color to the inside of your cab can do a lot to boost your mood and bring personality to your space. Alternatively, add some artwork that speaks to you or replace boring floor mats with something colorful to brighten up your day.

  • Investing in some curtains is a good idea for your truck cub, especially if you’re one to sleep in it. Curtains can definitely make your truck feel more cozy.

  • Another good idea is to invest in an inverter. An inverter is great if you carry a couple electronics on the road, or want to expand your options. You can add a television or gaming system for some entertainment when you’ve got downtime.

  • The bedroom is perhaps the most personal and comfortable aspect of being at home, and you don’t have to settle just because you’re on the road. You can spruce up your bedding with more tasteful options and high-thread count sheets.

  • Don’t shy away from decorating. Add pictures of friends and family, posters, and rugs to make you feel more at home. Some people add trinkets to make their space more personable, and it doesn’t have to just be a bobble-head doll.

  • Don’t make compromises when it comes to food just because you’re on the road. A mini refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven or coffee pot can go a long way towards making your truck feel more homey. A home cooked meal is nearly always better than what you’ll find at a rest stop.

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