Why Every Trucker Needs a Dash Cam

dash cam

A dash cam can be incredibly useful for truck drivers.

Technology has done a great deal to change the trucking industry. While not every change is well received, some can be extraordinarily helpful to drivers. Dashboard cameras are one such new technology that has proven exceedingly popular and useful for truck drivers. A dashboard camera or “dash cam” is a small camera that’s fixed to the front of your dashboard in order to record traffic while you drive. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a dash cam on your truck.

Accident Resolution

The most common use for a dash cam is to provide evidence in case of an accident. Accidents happen, and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into a dispute with another driver. With a dash cam, you have concrete evidence of what happened which can help police determine who is actually at fault. It also means that insurance providers will settle faster. If someone brake checks you or claims that you caused an accident you didn’t cause, a dash cam will support your claims and show exactly what happened from your perspective–keeping you and your record safe.


A second benefit of dash cams is security. Have you ever had delinquents vandalize or attempt to break into your truck while you’re at a rest stop? Most dash cams feature a parked or standby mode that will activate the camera when motion is detected. This will help you catch intruders and hit-and-run drivers. Even if you can’t hold the culprit accountable for his actions, footage of the damage is still useful to insurance providers.


If you’re a truck driver, chances are you’ve spent long enough time on the road to see some pretty strange things. A dash cam helps you save the special moments in your journey. For example, one driver documented a spectacular meteor shower display with his dash cam. Although security and safety are the primary reasons for owning a dash cam, you might be surprised by all the odd things you can capture on the road.

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