Keep Your Fleet Up to Date with Electronic Logging Devices

electronic logging devices

Make sure your fleet is on board with the latest electronic logging device (ELD) technology and regulations.

In recent years, the trucking industry has experienced new challenges which have affected their operations. These challenges have revolved around an increasingly shrinking number of skilled operators to driver wellness and the increase in regulations, such as the ELD mandate. Fleets have been challenged by all of these factors, and been caught in the middle attempting to make smart business decisions. Many drivers have negative feelings toward electronic logging devices or ELDs. Here are some tips to maintain driver retention and satisfaction and get them on board with electronic logging devices, which are here to stay in the trucking industry.

Make Sure Your Drivers Understand The Requirements

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the ELD mandate and what it means for drivers and fleets. Many fleets have help information sessions for drivers or encouraged them to self-educate using online resources.

Ensure They Know What An ELD Is And What It Does

A lot of the negative opinions revolving around the transition to using electronic logging devices are based in misunderstandings of how the technology functions. Be transparent with your drivers about what information is being recorded, why it is being recorded, and who will see it. Make sure they understand the safety implications of electronic logging devices.

Include Drivers In The Decisions You Make

Your drivers will be the ones using ELDs daily, but if they dislike or mistrust them they will be reluctant to. Having drivers feel included in making decisions will improve adoption rates and make them more accepting of the new trucking industry standards. It will increase their sense of control and keep them engaged long term in decision making regarding their operations.

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