5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Trucking

healthy habits healthy trucking

Look good and feel good with these healthy trucking habits!

Corporate America is plenty worried about staying healthy while forced to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day — but what about truckers who have to sit behind the wheel for up for 14 hours a day? Trucking is more of a lifestyle than a job, and it’s quite the stationary one. It can be hard to stay healthy when you’re driving for 14 hours a day and all you want to do when you park for the night is sleep forever. Here are a few healthy habits and tips that we’ve collected for healthy trucking.

Eating Healthy on the Road

As convenient as it may be to stop by McDonald’s or Burger King when you pull into a rest stop, that type of fast food is a straight line right for weight-related health concerns. It’s not much harder at all to gather some fruits and vegetables, lean meats (either pre-cooked or to cook on a portable grill), and bags of salad greens from a grocery store that you could just as easily pull off to find.

Exercise When You Can

We know, it’s hard to find time to exercise when you’re driving for such a huge portion of your day. Unfortunately, healthy trucking means finding the time and energy in your downtime to get your heart pumping. Some ideas for easy exercise on the road are: keeping a folding bicycle stored in your cabin and riding around at rest stops, wearing running shoes and taking time to walk or run for 30 minutes, keeping weights in your cabin (but carefully secured so as not to roll onto the brake or gas), or wearing a pedometer and giving yourself daily movement goals.

Sleep Tight

We probably don’t need to tell you this one. Get as much sleep as possible, and make it good sleep. You live in your truck, so don’t skimp on sleeping supplies like mattresses, fans and heaters, pillows, and even maybe a white noise machine to drown out external noise.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

It can be dull, to say the least, staring at the road for so long day in and day out. Keep your mind active with things like music, audiobooks, and language tapes. Anything to keep you thinking is great, learning new things is an even better bonus. Just don’t pick anything that might be too distracting to you.

Don’t Forget About Your Family

Remember those lovely people who you get to visit every so often when you’re not driving? They miss you! It can be easy to neglect family for rest or household chores, but it’s important to talk with them and share stories. You can have your kids learn about places you’ve driven through and bring back pictures or souvenirs, and you can have your significant other share music or audiobooks that you’re listening to on the road so you can discuss them when you’re together.


There you have it. Five healthy habits for healthy trucking. We hope these might help you feel a little better sitting in the cabin on the next trip you take!

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