How to Manage Your Road Rage

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Got road rage? Find out how to manage it for a calm and stress-free drive.

It happens to all drivers at some point- another driver on the road is really getting on your nerves. Whether they’re driving too slow or dangerously cut in front of you, road rage happens to the best of us. However, for truck drivers, calmly managing that road rage is what makes a great professional trucker. Knowing how to remain stress-free on the road is important for all truckers, so here are a few tips on how to manage your emotions.

The Risks

  • First off, many risks come with road rage. While you may be tempted to yell at another driver- even when your windows are closed, and no one can hear you- it’s important to stay as calm as possible. While you may think there’s no harm in yelling with no one else listening, it can take a toll on you.
  • When you’re yelling at someone else, you’re usually looking at them or their car. This means that your eyes are off the road, and your focus is no longer on your truck. This is not only dangerous for yourself, but also for others on the road.
  • Stress and yelling take a toll on you mentally and physically and can tire you out more than you realize. For truckers with long hours, this can be really detrimental to your job. Staying relaxed allows you to save more energy and keep your mind sharp on long drives.
  • Road rage is also harmful to your overall happiness. As a trucker who spends a lot of your life behind the wheel, hopefully, the job brings you some sense of pride or joy- don’t let someone else take that away from you! Getting angry at some things only makes your life and job more miserable than it needs to be.

Prepare Yourself

The next time you’re on the road, challenge yourself to stay calm the entire drive. The only way to get over road rage is to train yourself to remain patient, positive, and in a clear headspace. Before you even start driving, get in the mindset of staying calm and relaxed, and prepare for some traffic or bad drivers on the road. When you prepare your mind for things that may make you angry, you allow yourself more time to prepare for how you will act when the time comes. Take deep breaths and tell yourself that you’ll get there eventually, and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Avoid Stressful Situations

In addition to being prepared for these situations to arise, you should also do your best to avoid these scenarios. When there is traffic, for instance, there’s no need to stay right behind another car. Take your time and go a few miles an hour slower than the flow of traffic. This not only allows you to keep your stress levels lowers and enjoy your ride more, but it also brings less stress to other drivers who don’t want a big truck tailgating them in traffic.

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