Tips for Truckers During the Holiday Season


The holiday season can be one of the most dangerous time of the year for truckers.

Trucking during the holiday season can be very rewarding, as countless items need to rapidly make it from place to place for shoppers, restaurants, and stores. While trucking can be lucrative during the holiday months, it can also be dangerous as more drivers hit the road. If you are trucking this holiday season, here are some of the safe driving tips you need to know.

Maintain Your Truck

Maintenance is what makes the difference because a truck that is safe and enjoyable to drive and one that’s a risk every time on the road. Make sure that your truck is working correctly so that you can identify any potential problems before they pop up on a ride. At a minimum, you should be taking your truck in as the seasons change to make sure that everything is in good shape. This is especially important in the winter months if you will be driving in areas with ice or snow.

Map Out Your Travel Routes

Picking the right path is essential when you are trucking during the holiday season. Any routes that go near malls or other popular shopping areas should be adjusted to avoid the uptick in traffic. Mapping out multiple travel routes or using a traffic app is especially important on travel weekends or weeks like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Also, take the time to check the traffic and weather while you’re on the road or a long haul. That will mentally prepare you for encountering hazardous spots on the road and allow you time to adjust if needed.

Avoid Distractions

Finally, it’s critical to avoid distractions while trucking during the holidays. Many of the drivers around you are going to be distracted by the stress of the holidays, traffic, their cell phones, or the stack of gifts balanced next to them in the passenger seat. Especially during the holiday season, you should never eat, use a cell phone, or attempt to do anything remotely distracting on the road. It makes a huge difference in your level of road safety while you are trucking during the holidays.

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