What To Think Over Before Team Truck Driving

What To Think Over Before Team Truck Driving

Before you decide to sign up for team truck driving, here are a few factors to consider.

Trucking is often one of the lonelier careers and lifestyles to pursue. For some, it’s a wonderful aspect to enjoy so much privacy and independence. On the other hand, some drivers can have a hard time with so much silence and solidarity on the road. There are different ways to combat the loneliness aspect of trucking, and one of them is to consider team truck driving. When drivers make their deliveries with a partner, there are a couple of benefits to such an arrangement. Before you decide to sign up for team truck driving, here are a few factors to consider.

Spending A Lot of Time with Your Driving Partner

Truck driving, especially for long-hauls, requires one to be on the road for a considerable stretch of time. Some folks find the journey more bearable, even enjoyable, with a partner in your passenger seat. With team truck driving, it’s pretty much a given that you and your co-driver will spend a lot of time together in the small space of the cab. Can you work well with your driving partner, and do you get along well with each other in general? Can your co-driver keep you more alert on the job or prove to be a dangerous distraction? With team truck driving, you have the perk of keeping some company with you on the road, but it could backfire if duos don’t get along or simply don’t work well together. You can’t let this aspect of your professional or personal relationship get in the way of doing your job.

Splitting the Work and Pay

Another benefit of team truck driving is being able to keep your freight moving. When one driver gets tired, or their work-hours expire, the other one can sub in. That could mean better delivery times or completing more deliveries in a day. In some ways, it’s easier and more efficient to split the work between two drivers. However, drivers should acknowledge how sharing the work will impact their individual pay. 

Stepping Back and Trusting Your Co-Driver

This aspect hinges on how good of a relationship the team drivers maintain between them. When the time comes for one driver to take the passenger seat and the other to take the wheel, one needs to let go to an extent to trust their co-driver to take over. Of course, it’s easier for everyone to come to an agreement in the first place on certain decisions, such as when to make rest stops or which route to take.

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