Ways to Eliminate Distracted Truck Driving

Ways to Eliminate Distracted Truck Driving

These precautions and preparations keep the focus on truck driving and less on the unimportant factors.

Of all the ways to practice safe truck driving, keeping one’s focus on the road and away from distractions should be a given. Yet, there will always be things that will try to divert the driver’s attention away from the road. When, not if, these distractions do come up, the driver faces unnecessary obstacles that can get in the way of safe truck driving. However, one can take a few steps before and during truck driving to eliminate as many distractions from the job at hand as possible. These precautions and preparations keep the focus on truck driving and less on the unimportant factors.

Just Keep the Phone Away

Simply put, one has no business being on their phone while they are truck driving and especially if the vehicle is in motion. Even using hands-free Bluetooth technology or sending a voice text message creates unnecessary diversions that could cause costly consequences. Even when one does not intend to touch their phone while driving, receiving message alerts and notifications could itself be a major distraction. Drivers could let their thoughts wander from their task, thinking about what the new alert could be. It’s best to silence the device, turn it off, put it on “do not disturb” mode, and just keep it out of sight and sound.

Avoid Snacking While Driving

Good nutrition and eating a healthy diet are important for truck drivers. Managing one’s hunger and thirst can also play a huge part in eliminating distractions from those types of needs. Still, it’s certainly not recommended to snack, let alone eat a whole meal, while driving. Drivers should save fueling themselves up with food and drink while on their breaks.

Familiarize Yourself With The Route and Cab

Fiddling with the GPS while you’re already en route is not a smart move. Have your destination already pre-set and mount your GPS where you can safely look at your navigation device without completely turning your attention away from the road. Also, most long-time drivers are quite familiar with all the controls and functions of their cab console. If you aren’t as sure, take some time to learn how to operate the radio or AC controls before setting off on your journey. This will save you the hassle of figuring out how to use these features while you’re already driving.

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