10 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Truckers

little girl giving her dad a christmas gift

Have you done this year’s holiday shopping?

Do you have a truck driving spouse, sibling, or friend? Make sure they’re well taken care of this holiday season by buying them an awesome truck driver gift. Here are a few gift ideas that every truck driver would appreciate.

  1. Tire Pressure monitoring system – 18-wheelers use a lot of mileage. A tire pressure monitoring system will give your trucking love one extra safety and peace of mind while on the road.

  2. Portable microwave – Older cabs don’t always have microwaves at their disposal. A portable microwave that is small and compact enough to fit into the sleeper cab is incredibly handy.

  3. Wireless hotspot – Truckers who are on the road all the time still need to stay connected to family and loved ones. A wireless hotspot is an incredibly convenient device to let truckers stay connected without using up their phone’s data plan.

  4. Dashboard camera – So many people overlook dash cameras, but they can be incredibly handy. In cases of an accident, a dash camera can prove your innocence and avoid having to pay a hefty bill or fine for something you’re not at fault for.

  5. Heated seat cushion – Truck cabs are not always comfortable. A heated seat cover can go a long ways toward making sure your truck driver friend stays nice and toasty while on the road.

  6. Electric blanket – Continuing along the “keep warm” theme, an electric blanket is another great gift idea for truckers. Roadside hotels and accommodations aren’t always the best, so it’s nice to have something on hand to help keep warm and comfy.

  7. Personalized mud flaps – Custom mud flaps are a great way to personalize one’s truck. Show your truck driving loved one you really know them with a mud flap that’s tailored to them.

  8. Audio books – Sometimes listening to music gets exhausting after hours on end. Audio books are another great way to stay entertained while on a long haul.

  9. Polarized sunglasses – No one likes dealing with sun glare while they’re on the road, not to mention it can be quite hazardous during sundown and sunrise. Polarized glasses are specifically designed to reduce the amount of sunlight your eyes receive, making them the perfect accessory for truckers.

  10. Bluetooth headset – It’s illegal to talk on the phone without a hands-free device. A bluetooth headset will let a trucker make important calls while on the road without putting themselves in danger.

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