Trucking Through Nasty Winter Weather

Trucking through winter weather can be challenging.

Trucking through winter weather can be challenging.

No matter where you are on the East Coast of the United States this week, you are undoubtedly feeling the chill of winter! It whips past your truck on windy nights, stings your eyes when you leave your cab to get a snack, and crunches and slips beneath your tires. So, how can you make the best of trucking through nasty winter weather and stay safe all winter long? Here are some tips for surviving winter weather this year.

Check Your Battery

Winter is a great time to check up your truck, and your battery is the perfect place to start. Many truck drivers are stuck waiting for a jump once mornings turn cold, so check the age and strength of your battery now (or get left out in the cold).

Fuel Additives

Chances are, you already know that diesel can start to gel when winter weather strikes. Paraffin is added to diesel and can crystallize when the thermometer drops extremely low, which can spell disaster for you on the road. The water in the fuel will emulsify and make your diesel into slush instead of liquid. To avoid this problem, use a winter blend of fuel and add in anti-gel additives every time you fill your tank.

Check Your Cooling Systems

Again, just like checking your battery, you should take time to examine your cooling system. This can include checking out your radiator, belts, hoses, and coolant to make sure that they will stand up to tough winter weather.

Engine Block Heater

Do you already have an engine block heater? If you don’t and do a lot of driving during cold winter weather, it could be a great investment to help you get on the road quicker every day. Diesel engines need a higher cylinder temperature to get started, so they can struggle to get started quickly in the snow. Instead of struggling in the cold, use an engine block heater to help keep the engine warm when you take a break.

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