The 4 Seasons of Trucking and Transportation

The 4 Seasons of Trucking and Transportation

Like most other business and industry types, the trucking and transportation sector experience ebbs and flows of demand, categorized into seasons.

There’s no denying that the trucking and transportation industry provides their essential services year-round and that there’s always a supply and demand for these services. Like most other business and industry types, the trucking and transportation sector experience ebbs and flows of demand. These can be categorized into seasons. It’s worth noting these seasonal shifts and attributes because it affects demand for drivers, fuel cost, service rates, and much more. Despite the disruptive effects of COVID-19 on the industry this year, trucking and transportation work tend to follow these four seasonal trends.

The Quiet Season

For those in trucking and transportation, the year starts with the Quiet Season from January to March. This period proceeds after the bustling Holiday Season, so comparatively speaking, this time of year is slow and low volume for trucking. That’s not a totally bad thing; the road conditions during these months can be snowy and icy in regions throughout the US.

The Produce Shipping Season

As the spring and summer approaches, produce is ready to go from farms to packaging plants to stores. So, April through July is aptly named the Produce Shipping Season. It can get tricky for shippers to find a carrier with availability and competitive rates during this time. This is because different regions are vying for trucking and transportation services to get their products across their region or the country. Even those not in agricultural fields should be aware of how this increase in trucking demand can affect rates and availability for their own industries.

The Peak Season

August through October is another high-volume season in the trucking and transportation industry. It’s the Peak Season because people everywhere in private and commercial positions rely on getting goods to their homes and businesses. Further, many sales are going on at this time, with it being the back-to-school season for many households and business owners are gearing up for holiday sales. Demand for trucking is up, as are transportation rates and fuel prices.

The Holiday Season

The temperatures may be cooling down, but the truck engines aren’t! In anticipation of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other major holidays, November and December account for another busy time of year for truckers. Notice how there are only two months to this short season. That puts added pressure on shipping companies to fulfill many orders on time before businesses close for the approaching holidays.

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