Tips for Selecting A Trailer Lease Service

Tips for Selecting A Trailer Lease Service

The good news for small businesses is that a good trailer lease service can help you safely and timely deliver your products and supplies.

Whether they need one, five, or a larger fleet, tractor-trailers are the go-to option for many businesses and companies who need to move products or supplies. These items can be transported to warehouses, production facilities, or retailers. Today, this is a vital step in the economic process of the country. The good news for small businesses is that a good trailer lease service can help you safely and timely deliver your products and supplies.

Analyze Business Needs

First things first, as a small business owner, you will need to figure out which business model is best: purchasing, renting, or leasing. Many semi-trailer lease services can actually offer all types. Some critical questions to ask yourself include: How much funding will be committed to the trailer lease? Is it necessary to hire a specific employee to oversee the lease? How many vehicles are needed with respect to my goods? Reaching out to a trailer lease service can help you answer these questions.

Research a Service and Lease Options

As with all business partnerships, it is important to do your research on all prospective partners. This is especially true for those that will handle your core business supplies and will be responsible for making sure day-to-day operations are fulfilled. Be sure to compare pricing when searching. An excellent trailer lease service will have options for payment, including financing. An important thing to clarify with your prospective leasor what are the available lease types. These include:

  • Full-service leases: This is where you or a part of your business will manage and care for the trailers part of the lease. Your trailer lease service has hands-off.
  • Net leases: Here your business is simply required to care for trailers
  • Maintenance leases: Your business will be able to go to the trailer service for repairs of any vehicles

Picking the right leasing plan will heavily depend on your business and its needs.

Remember to Think Long Term

If you intend to lease for a long time, consider a plan where the lessor takes care of upgrading trailers, equipment, and other things. Make sure the trailer service is professional and timely about repairs; this can impact your business’ day-to-day operations.

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