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Tips for Selecting A Trailer Lease Service

Friday, July 31st, 2020
Tips for Selecting A Trailer Lease Service

The good news for small businesses is that a good trailer lease service can help you safely and timely deliver your products and supplies.

Whether they need one, five, or a larger fleet, tractor-trailers are the go-to option for many businesses and companies who need to move products or supplies. These items can be transported to warehouses, production facilities, or retailers. Today, this is a vital step in the economic process of the country. The good news for small businesses is that a good trailer lease service can help you safely and timely deliver your products and supplies. (more…)

Benefits of Using a Tractor Trailer Company

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Benefits of Tractor Trailers

When it comes to transporting freight, businesses have several options on how they want to do so. Freight can be shipped using airplanes, ships, trains, and tractor trailers. Some may think that a train or ship is the best way to transport your freight, but these modes of transportation take more time and money than using a trucking company. A trucking company that uses tractor trailers or semi-trucks is one of the easiest ways to transport your freight today.

Using a company like Evan Transportation has its benefits like:

  1. Easy Repairs- If a truck runs into trouble and needs to stop traveling, a new truck can easily be sent out to finish the route. While the new truck is delivering the freight, the first truck can be repaired. Fixing a malfunction on a ship or train will halt your shipment completely and cost a large amount of money to fix.
  2. Easy Loading- Trucks can be easily loaded within a few hours before heading out to their destination. Ships, airplanes, and trains can take a full day to load before they can leave for their destination.
  3. Easy Routes- In today’s age, highway systems throughout the states make transportation easy and direct. Trucks are able to travel to both small towns and large cities to deliver a shipment rather than being limited to certain ports or stops.

Evan Transportation has been delivering freight to the Mid-Atlantic region since it was founded in 1992. We offer a trained staff with years in the trucking and transportation industry that ensures our customers excellent and unmatched customer service.  We offer transportation for a number of products that include:

  1. Food and Beverages
  2. Paper Products
  3. Retail
  4. Steel
  5. Lumber

For a full list of freight we transport along with a full list of states we service, click here.

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