Does Every Trucker Need A Dash Cam?

Do you think every trucker needs a dash cam?

Do you think every trucker needs a dash cam?

Dashboard cameras, more commonly known as “dash cams,” have grown in popularity for truck drivers over the last few years. Dash cams are set up on the dashboard to record the road which can be used as proof when accidents occur, but also gives drivers video of their scenic trip. Continue reading to learn why every professional trucker should have a dash cam on their truck.


A dash cam is the best form of protection for professional truck drivers, and every driver should have at least one camera in their truck. Dash cams are always used to record the road, but some truckers choose to set up multiple cameras. The second camera can be utilized to record the road behind or beside the truck, or to record themselves as they drive. This is not necessary, and many truckers do not like the idea of being filmed continuously, but in the event of an accident, it can be extremely beneficial to prove that you were not at fault. As we know, car accidents can cause a lot of damage, and it’s essential to have evidence to prove that you are not at fault or liable.


In addition to driving accidents, dash cams are also useful for recording vandals trying to break into a parked truck. Most dash cams have a feature that allows them to remain in standby mode until they detect motion. This feature is very useful for truckers when they stop at a rest stop or leave their truck parked for a few hours, as the video provides clear evidence for insurance providers if anything was stolen.

Video Of Trip

Truckers drive hundreds and thousands of miles and often drive through new places they’ve never seen before. Since they are on a deadline, most truckers don’t get to experience what each state has to offer, and must stay in the truck the whole drive. However, with a dash cam, you can record your entire trip to look back at the scenery or share videos with your friends and family. Trucking is a great career for those who love to travel, and a dash cam is the best hands-free way to record memories of all the beautiful places around the U.S.

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