Facts about Trucking During the Holidays

Trucking Safety Tips for Semi-Truck Drivers

What are the facts about truck driving during the holidays? Learn all about it here.

Truckers have their work cut out for them during the holiday season, bringing tons of inventory to different retail stores, restaurants, and other business locations as business continues as usual. At the same time, truckers are people, too, and need to take a vacation now and then. Evan Transportation has multiple blog posts about trucking during the holidays that are compiled into this post. Here are the facts about trucking during the holidays, summarized.

Do Truckers Have Vacation Time?

Truckers have paid time off just like any other workplace would offer. The vacation time provided depends on the individual trucking company. Plenty of companies offer additional PTO per year the longer the employee works there, which helps with employee retention. 

In the United States, it is legal for a workplace to offer zero vacation days for the employee. However, vacation time is healthy, and you can generally expect your local and regional truckers to have at least three days they can take off and still get paid.

How Do Truckers Take Vacations?

Truckers can take vacations in a variety of ways. Truckers will also have paid holiday time off like employees at other companies, and so can stay at home for the holidays. Truckers can also receive time off for unexpected events, such as sickness or an unexpected death. A good company will give their employees flexibility regarding work-life balance. 

As for time taken to actually relax and not just celebrate a holiday or tend to a significant event, truckers can vacation in the same way you might. Types of vacations one might take include going on a day trip, a road trip, or abroad. With many hours on the road and at pickup and dropoff points, time to relax is well-deserved.

Will the economy or a trucking company suffer if someone takes a day off? No. Trucking companies have multiple qualified people who can take your load from point A to point B. The delivery’s urgency depends on how time-sensitive it is. During the holidays, however, you can expect possible delays in shipments because demand spikes during this time.

Truck Driving Safety During the Holidays

Truck drivers and other drivers alike need to take care on the road, especially during holiday and vacation seasons and in low-visibility conditions. Truck drivers must follow road rules regarding what lanes they can be in and at what speed they should drive. In some cases, it might be slower than the speed limit.

Cars and non-commercial trucks must be aware of truckers’ blindspots and that semi-trucks cannot stop within a short distance. Allow plenty of room for them to stop.

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