4 Ways Telematics Help Trucking Companies

4 Ways Telematics Help Trucking Companies

By using telematics systems with a trucking companies’ fleet of commercial vehicles, managers can leverage this technology to keep an eye on their many trucks and drivers on the road.

Telematics is nothing new to most modern trucking companies. What is telematics, you ask? It refers to a field of study that encompasses telecommunications and vehicle technologies, like GPS and diagnostic systems, to send data about vehicle location, travel speed, and internal vehicle conditions to a central management system. Basically, telemetry’s practical uses are applied to monitor where in the world a vehicle is and where it’s traveling.

Now more than ever, trucking companies and their drivers are under immense pressure to keep the transportation and supply chain moving along efficiently. By using telematics systems with a companies’ fleet of commercial vehicles, managers can leverage this technology to keep an eye on their many trucks and drivers on the road. 

Monitor Truck Drivers

You may be wondering how different are ELDs from telematics solutions. ELDs monitor for truck driver compliance with hours of service rules. Meanwhile, using telematics technology adds more promise for productivity and efficient deliveries. Trucking companies can monitor their drivers’ behaviors through both electronic logging devices and their onboard telematics systems to hold them accountable for following safety policies and road rules. Telematic systems can generate more in-depth reports on driver behavior and risk, as well as provide insights into changes regarding vehicle conditions. Fleet managers can review the data to enact necessary changes, such as telling drivers to be aware of traveling on a road where many vehicles have faced incidents previously.

Remote Fleet Management

Telematic systems are mostly cloud-based and rather advanced. Fleet managers can stay informed on their companies’ assets from a desktop or mobile device. Being made aware of changes with communication and alerts further allows managers to play an active role in assisting truck drivers on the road. They can take in relevant information and devise a strategic course of action. Then, they give all involved directions on how to maintain efficiencies or fix problems as they come up.

Efficient Routing

Route planning is essential before any departure for a delivery or pickup. As commercial vehicles approach their destination, smart adjustments to their route may need to be made. This can be to navigate tricky shipyards or parking lots and to avoid congested roads if possible. Telematics can reveal real-time information about the roads to help truckers make smart changes for the final leg of their journey, which can make the difference in getting to their destination on time.

Track and Reallocate Trucks

On top of tracking and monitoring where fleet resources are, telematics solutions let trucking companies identify where resources are scarce yet needed. This allows them to make calls to meet the needs of rapidly changing priorities. Trucking companies can direct more trucks to wherever they’re needed most to fulfill sudden surges in demand.

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