Tough Challenges All New Truck Drivers Will Face

New truck drivers should be prepared to face these tough challenges.

New truck drivers should be prepared to face these tough challenges.

As with most jobs, the initial transition to a new position or career can be difficult, and full of many challenges that you weren’t expecting. Trucking is no different, as rookie truckers face many obstacles in their first year. It’s best to be as prepared as possible when starting a new career, so continue reading for tough challenges that you are likely to face within your first year as a trucker.

Focusing On The Wrong Things

The first obstacle that most rookies face is spending too much time focusing on the wrong things that eventually kill their career before it even begins. You should always focus on the end goal, and in this case, your main goal is likely to be a professional trucker and go on solo hauls in your own truck. If you’re focused on things you hear from other truckers or stories on the internet about your trainers or company, you’ll only distract yourself from reaching your end goals.

Difficulties With Trainers

Unfortunately, it’s common for new truckers to have difficulties with their trainer. However, your trainer is there to help you get better, so it’s important to focus on getting through training and working hard to move to the next level. Being with a trainer is a temporary situation, so as long as you are safe and not putting your mental health at risk, your trainer is there to help you on your way to becoming a professional trucker.

Driving The Truck Backwards

New drivers may be surprised that their trainers don’t teach them how to back into a parking spot, but in many cases, it’s up to the driver to teach him or herself. As with anything else in life, practice makes perfect, so rookies should be ready to put in the time and effort to backing up into a parking spot or driving the truck backward. It’s also important to note that even the most experienced drivers still have trouble backing a big rig, but they know to take it slow and not get frustrated.

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