3 Things A Professional Truck Driver Should Never Do

 If you’re hoping to be a truck driver, check out these three things that a professional trucker should never do.

If you’re hoping to be a truck driver, check out these three things that a professional trucker should never do.

While you may think that being a truck driver is right for you, you first must make sure that you have the qualities that make a good professional trucker. Trucking is a serious career and involves dangerous situations. Because car accidents happen so frequently and truckers are on the road so often, company’s will only hire those who are safe, smart, and reliable.

Driving Too Fast, Especially Down A Steep Hill

Driving a truck is much different than driving a car, as the large load makes stopping quickly very difficult, if not impossible. Truck drivers must not only be aware of the speed limit like all other vehicles on the road, but must know the speed that is safe for their trailer. If harsh weather makes roads slippery or icy, a good trucker will use their judgment to go a safe speed. Other difficult situations involve sharp turns and steep hills, as it’s easy for an unskilled trucker to lose control of the vehicle.  When approaching a steep hill, professional drivers should not to pick a low gear and move slowly and carefully.

Letting The Reefer Motor Run Out Of Fuel

For truckers carrying produce or other products that require ice and cool temperatures, it’s crucial to check the reefer fuel levels and box temperature. The last thing a trucker wants is to arrive at the buyer’s dock and notice the reefer fuel levels were low and all the ice has melted, leaving produce melted or overheated.

Drive When Sleep Deprived

Just as you don’t text and drive, you don’t want to be sleep deprived and drive. Distracted driving refers to anything that takes your focus away from the road, and driving with sleep deprivation is extremely dangerous. When you are too tired, your physical and mental reaction time is slower, your attention span is weakened, and you are not as focused on the road as you should be. Professional truckers know that just because they’ve had enough time off the road and it is legal to drive, it doesn’t mean that they should drive. Being well-rested is crucial for safe driving, and a professional driver should never get behind the wheel unless they are awake and ready to focus.

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