Tips For Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue

Check out these tips for preventing truck driver fatigue.

Check out these tips for preventing truck driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue is responsible for many accidents and fatalities on the road. Truck driver fatigue is especially dangerous, as drivers are on the road for long periods of time all through the night. Since truckers don’t always have a say in when they have to be on the road, it’s important to know how to prevent driver fatigue and stay alert and safe on long hauls.

No Fast Food

A truck driver must always be aware of the foods they eat while on the road, as food has a significant effect on drowsiness. Fast food options that are greasy and full of fat must be avoided, as these make your body very tired. Instead, opt for nutritious snacks and fruits to boost your energy.

Healthy Diet

In addition to eating nutritious foods for energy, it’s also important to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity or excess weight can cause fatigue, especially for drivers who are sitting for a long period of time. Obesity may also cause sleep apnea, which involves respiratory interruptions during sleep and results in drowsiness during the day. This is why it’s important for drivers to exercise every day, even when on the road, and maintain a healthy diet.


Most workers depend on coffee to wake them up in the morning, and drinking one cup of coffee is okay to stay awake temporarily. However, you don’t want to depend on caffeine entirely for long hauls during the night, as too much caffeine can have the opposite effect and interfere with sleep. Also, caffeine can increase anxiety and stress, which negatively affects drivers.

No Smoking

A healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutritious foods also includes no smoking. Smoking has been linked to many dangerous side effects, including conditions that cause fatigue.

No Medications To Stay Alert

Although many medications claim they help you to stay alert, it’s best to stay away from these. Medications can be counterproductive, and increase accident risks rather than keep drivers safe.

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