Trucking Interviews May Be Harder Than You Think

New Truck Driver

Thinking about becoming a truck driver? Make sure you’re extremely prepared for the long interview.

Contrary to what you may think, trucking has some of the longest job interviews in the world, according to The job interview for truckers is different compared to other jobs, as their interview truly begins while truckers attend company-sponsored training. Here, they are first judged on how to interact with others and are evaluated based on the quality of their character.

Initial Evaluation

As the potential truckers enter the hotel for training, they are watched on how they interact with the staff and are evaluated to determine if they are an individual with a high-quality character and an attitude that is suited for a professional driver. This evaluation doesn’t stop until the day you get promoted to solo or team status, as you compete against others for the job.

How To Prove Yourself

Individuals should consistently apply themselves, put forth the effort, and show up on time to get the crucial one-on-one time with instructors and increase their quality of training, as well as their probability of success. Your reputation is essential, as it will soon be a reflection of the trucking company’s reputation. How you act and carry yourself may be the one thing that puts you ahead of the competition, as it is very unlikely that a person with a negative attitude will be recommended for the job.

To get the job, you must prove that you really want it and are willing to work at it. Show up early, in a good mood that proves to the instructor that you are ready to learn. Be sure to be the best version of yourself! also mentions that it is crucial to leave your phone behind, or at least silenced, during training, as many students get kicked out for taking phone calls. Students in training should take it as seriously as possible, and know that the job interview continues from the first day. As a trucker, you should prove yourself to be a professional and respectful person, who is ready to take on all of the responsibilities that come with the career.

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