Why All Truck Drivers Should Get A Dash Cam

A dash cam is important for all truck drivers to have to provide evidence for accidents.

A dash cam is important for all truck drivers to have to provide evidence for accidents.

A dashboard camera, or “dash cam,” is gaining popularity for drivers, especially truck drivers. The camera is fixed to the front of a car or truck’s dashboard to record the road as they drive. The camera provides peace of mind as it records everything that the driver sees, and the footage is crucial in the case of an accident.

Accident Proof

All of us have seen a viral video from the point of view of a dash cam, whether it was something incredible that happened and was lucky to be caught on camera, or it was a recording of a terrible accident. For truck drivers, a dash cam is mainly used to provide evidence in the case of an unfortunate accident. Truckers are often blamed for accidents, even if the other driver was clearly at fault. To avoid this horrible mistake from happening, the dash cam gets everything on tape and can prove innocence. Also, the tape can be used for insurance claims and can prove to the insurer who at fault.

Catch Vandals

A dash cam can record even when you aren’t driving, as most cameras feature a parked or standby mode that turns on when they detect motion. This is great for truckers on a long haul who stop at a rest stop or sleep in their trucks at night. While some vandals don’t see the camera and don’t know they’re being recorded, they may show enough of their face for you to be able to identify them later. Or, a vandal may see the light from the camera and realize he or she is being recorded, and immediately leave the area before anything happens. Either way, the recording will be useful to insurance providers and provides strong evidence.

Record Your Trip

In addition to providing protection and security, a dash cam can provide you with memories of your long haul! Many truckers drive through multiple states, without getting a chance to take in the view. With a camera recording the whole drive, memories of beautiful places can be captured and saved. Also, there have been many videos of strange and crazy things captured on a dash cam that are rarely seen on camera. If you drive long enough with a dash cam, odds are you’ll record some pretty spectacular or interesting moments.

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