The Biggest Misconceptions About A Career In Trucking


Let’s learn about the biggest misconceptions about the trucking industry and what it’s really like being a truck driver.

Trucking is one of the most misunderstood industries, as people really have no idea what a career as a truck driver entails or how truck driver training is done. The job is often underestimated and ends up being much more difficult and complex than people once thought. These misconceptions lead people astray early in the career, once they realize that the job isn’t easy and training isn’t done the way they expected it to be done.

You Must Handle Responsibilities On Your Own

Many people get into the trucking business because they don’t want a boss micromanaging them, and want some independence. This makes sense, but it also means that drivers have much more personal responsibilities. You have to figure out a lot of things on your own, including: How to manage your clock efficiently, how to log your time in a logbook, making sure you have the proper directions and load information, making sure the truck gets in for scheduled maintenance, and how to plan your trips out from beginning to end. You have to learn how to take charge of your responsibilities and know how to handle everything yourself.

Trucking Is A Lifestyle, Not A Way To Get Rich Quick

The change in lifestyle, time away from family and the many risks you face as a truck driver are demanding, and some truckers think they aren’t paid enough for everything they do, while others love the job and wouldn’t want a career doing anything else. Before you decide to get into the trucking industry, you should have a clear idea of how demanding it is and if you are up for the challenge. If you want to be a truck driver because you think it’s an easy way to make money, you should be not in the industry.

It’s Not About Choosing The Right Company

One of the biggest misconceptions you’ll find is when people say that there are a few good companies, and a bunch of bad companies you should avoid. When it comes to major carriers, this actually isn’t true at all. The only people saying that these companies should be avoided are the ones who failed and have no experience in the industry. You shouldn’t stress yourself out over which company you start out with, as the responsibility for your success or failure is all on your shoulders. If you put the hard work into the job and learn the practices and the ways of other successful drivers, you can succeed at any company.

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